Clarifying Dreams & Vision, Pt. 2

Way back in Feb. I wrote Clarifying Dreams & Visions as a calm, almost academic reflection on Dr. Sam Chand's observation: Leadership is like changing the fan belt on your car. While driving down the highway.

At the time, I didn't intend it to be a multi-part posting. But, in the interim six months, God has changed not only the fan belts of our church and my life, but the oil, radiator fluid, all four tires, the transmission, and the very engine itself. All, while driving down the highway. And, sure enough, he has used this process to clarify and refine the vision that he has called us to realize.

The vehicle has changed. Significantly. But the destination, the object of our prayers, work, dreams, hopes, time, resources, pain, and joy remains the same as it ever was: TO GROW THE COMMUNITY OF CHRIST ONE LIFE AT A TIME.

Over the next few days, I'm going to share some of what we've learned and experienced and decided as a result of this crazy ride. Here's the first thing: THE COMMITMENT TO TRAVEL TRUMPS THE MODE OF TRAVEL. If your car breaks down, don't abandon the journey. Repair it or replace it, but whatever you do, keep moving!

If your team's communication, passion, unity, joy, or effectiveness breaks down, the leader is responsible/accountable to repair/replace whatever or whomever needs to be repaired/replaced. The journey (mission, vision, purpose) is too important and the stakes are too high to abandon the journey.


  1. Mac, I so needed to hear the last part of your blog. Sometimes being a life group leader we need encouragement to continue the journey. It's not about us, but it's all about HIM!

  2. I think that Bruce Springsteen was on the same page with you Mac when he sang about guarding "dreams and visions" in Born To Run - which also made good use of the "engine analogy."

    Unlike a sporting event, life doesn't give us time-outs or half-times to pause and regroup. We just have to make it happen on the fly. While that can feel like a daunting concept, the flip-side is awesome -- we can change, renew, decide, or recommit to our journey and our destination at ANY MOMENT.

    That's a wonderful gift...

  3. Sara, you just made my day!thank you so much for not giving up...We NEED you on that wall!

    Tom, I COMPLETELY agree with you and the Boss--and am way honored by the connection. That capacity for change, no matter how hard stubbornly we fight it--is one of our greatest gifts.


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