Colt McCoy & the Cultivation of Character

When Colt McCoy was knocked out of the National Championship Game on the 6th play from scrimmage, he was eliminated from the most significant game of his career so far. No meter could measure his disappointment, frustration, anger, and loss.

Yet, his comments in the immediate aftermath of that experience reveal a character and faith that doesn't just happen. You can't create it on the spot in the moment. It has to be cultivated over years. Below is a clip from his post-game comments, but below that is an interview with Colt and his dad that we taped for Father's Day last year that provides amazing insight into how he was "prepared for the path" he's currently on.

Colt After-game Interview:

Brad & Colt McCoy LHC Interview:




IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE ATX as we shake out the holiday cobwebs and get back to a little bit of reality. 39 deg. and not a cloud in the sky. In pilot lingo, it's cold and clear, visibility unlimited.

What a great way to describe a new year! Unlimited visibility, unlimited possibility, unlimited hope. All of that unlimitedness feels really strong given the last four days of REV90. A few personal highlights:

*The creative, organizational, and relational genius of God. Reading through the first few chapters of Matthew, God's reminded me of all the history, families, and circumstances he orchestrated to prepare the world for the birth of Christ and the fulfillment of his plan for people. OVERWHELMING.
Reading, discussing, and discovering God as a family. Because of the holidays and some downtime, we've been able to read the daily readings as a family, discuss what we're reading and discover more of God through each other's insights and thoughts and what God is saying to us individually. HUGE blessing as a parent.
Some personal wins physically and morally as I've been reminded to be PURE physically. Individually, the wins are small, but I can already tell that collectively God is moving me more toward where he wants me and where he can use me more powerfully in every area of my life.

Let me know what you're doing and how God's using REV90 in your 2010 so far... Comment below.