I love climbing back into the preaching saddle! This weekend, I'm launching a new message series that we have been praying over, preparing, and working toward for months.

ALL ACCESS is a sermon series that will be (to borrow a phrase) good news for all people. ALL ACCESS is going to explain and explore the miracle and mystery of the Church. The Church is Jesus on Tour. In this world, we are his voice, his hands and feet, his children, his family, his ambassadors--literally, his Body. Literally and spiritually.

We are the Church. Imperfect. Flawed. Sometimes selfish. Sometimes exclusive. And, still, we are the Church. The Body of Christ commissioned, commanded, and empowered by the Son of God to bring hope to this world. To ALL of this world.

All because He is ALL ACCESS.

This weekend, we're going to welcome our good friend Malford Milligan once again. If you've never heard Malford sing...well, just believe me when I tell you, the House will be rockin'.

Use Malford's appearance as an opportunity to invite someone to come with you, to experience God through your church this week. Give them an excuse to come to church with you. IF you'll do that, I promise you they'll encounter God.


Thank you...

...that's really the only way I can think of to sum up how it feels to be fully back in the saddle this week. Back from summer vacation. Back from study break. Back to staff meeting today with an incredible team of people. Back to preaching as we kick off the series ALL ACCESS.

First, our family is so grateful to be part of a church that not only understands, but encourages us to take time to get away and recharge during the summer. So many pastors don't have that blessing, and we're truly grateful to be a part of a church that loves us like that.

I'm also grateful to Chris, Alex, & Kirk who did such a great job preaching. Their gift of teaching, work, and heart behind the messages were so good for us as a church. They tackled some ticklish topics throughout TXT MSG and really did a great job. We're better off and healthier as a church when we let God speak to us and lead us through multiple channels.

Real quick...I'll post more tomorrow about this, but for now, you DEFINITELY want to be in church and invite someone you care about to share in the experience this coming weekend for a number of reasons. But for now, I'll just give you one word: Malford.


Go to Church at LHC

This weekend, you need to be at LHC. IF you're in Austin, you will love what God is going to do this weekend.

As we wrap up the series TXT MSG, Alex Alexander is going to tackle one of the most-asked questions that was submitted for consideration: What about divorce?

As someone with first-hand experience (through my parents' divorce), I know how critical it is that we form a godly perspective on this subject. Unfortunately, as a pastor, I have also had way too much second-hand experience and exposure to this subject and the pain, confusion, anger, and uncertainty that always accompanies it.

AND, there is hope. In Christ. In the community of faith that is the church. There is always hope. Whether you have been through divorce, are going through it, or you're blissed-out married, with marriage's 50% mortality rate this subject is one that touches all of us.

Also, next weekend, I'm back in the saddle and starting a new message series that is for EVERYONE who considers LHC their church home. ALL ACCESS is going to be a milestone moment in the life of LHC. I'm asking everyone to make it a priority as we wrap up the summer and get ready for the greatest season ever in the life of our church coming this year.