Spur Leadership Conference

Two days from today, hundreds of leaders from the marketplace, government, ministry, the military, school districts and every imaginable arena will gather for the second annual Spur Leadership Conference. Months of planning, prayer, preparations, and work have been poured into making this a unique event that truly serves every single person who attends.

This morning, we were given an entire hour of morning drive radio time on KVET FM with Bucky Godbolt & Bob Cole. General Tommy Franks and GSD&M's Roy Spence called in and we got to share with the city a little taste of what's coming Thursday and Friday this week. KVET was kind enough to post the segment and you can listen to it here on their website (right underneath the blurb about Robert Earl Keen--good company!).

It's not too late to register and be a part of the Spur Leadership Project at WWW.SPURLEADERSHIP.ORG.


Faith vs. Science Resources

As I mentioned in this morning's message, here are the books that are a GREAT resources for the faith vs. science discussion:

(Huge thanks to John Fones for formatting this for me and making me look like I know what I'm doing w/ technology!)



Help the World--Vote for Dog the Bounty Singer

OK, our boys are in the home stretch of the Gatti's Pizza Jingle contest. Voting ends this Sunday, so I'm asking everyone who's ever enjoyed great music, great pizza, and great people to GO HERE AND VOTE RIGHT NOW for "Gatti's Good Time Jamboree" by Dog the Bounty Singer. The great pizza--well, who doesn't like great pizza, and Mr. Gatti's ROCKS--as long as they choose "Gatti's Good Time Jamboree" from Dog the Bounty Singer. The great music will be evident when you listen to their jingle. The jingle is a hot little jazz/swing number that will set your toes a-tapping and your mouth a-watering. And they're great guys who would use their winnings for good in the world and not evil. Seriously.